Thomas H Huling: A Success Story

Thomas H Huling has nearly thirty years of experience in the finance industry. Thomas H Huling is also an entrepreneur who has established and run many successful companies during the course of his career.

In many ways, Thomas H Huling is an American success story. His career began when he was the Founder, President, and General Contractor of the Multi-State Development company, a Rhode Island firm. Thomas H Huling was involved in all phases of commercial, sub-division, residential, and hotel projects. He drew on his excellent inter-personal skills to guide Multi-State Development to great success during the ten years he was associated with it.

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H Huling

With Multi-State Development, Thomas H Huling was deeply involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. He reviewed and authorized blueprints and site development plans, prepared cost breakouts and budget reports for an approval process, set construction logs on a daily basis, synchronized field activities, and supervised a crew of as many as thirty master carpenters and general laborers. Thomas H Huling also estimated projects by coordinating with various contractors.

Thomas H Huling says that his experience with Multi-State Development was invaluable, and had a positive influence on his professional growth. “My responsibilities within my corporations,” he says, “have always encompassed the preparation, negotiations and executions of contracts, financing procurement, fiscal projections, establishing of budgets, manpower scheduling, project staffing, and selections of various consultants.”

Currently, Thomas H Huling is the Director and/or Managing Member of four companies he has founded in the last four years. These include Global Investment Company, SA, Global Technology, LLC, World Holding Group, LLC, and most recently, Global MedInvent LLC, the last of which was established in January 2014. He also founded Multi-State Mortgage, Inc, and was the Director of Pro-One AG, a technology development firm based in Liechtenstein.


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