Thomas H. Huling Believes that Patience is Key to Communicating with Clients and Coworkers

Thomas H. Huling has over 27 years of experience in investment and financial industries in both the U.S. and international arenas. As the founder of multiple finance based businesses, Thomas H. Huling has learned that the key to any conversation is patience, especially when addressing clients and coworkers. Being a patient listener is central to Thomas H. Huling’s business philosophy, and in a market that seems to offer less and less individualized attention, professionals like Thomas H. Huling are hard to come by.

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H Huling

Patient listening, according to Thomas H. Huling, is based on the fundamental assumption that the other person in the conversation is valuable. Unlike other businesses that do not treat clients or lower ranked employees with full respect, Thomas H. Huling is dedicated to ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.

One example of this comes from Thomas H. Huling’s experience as a Realtor, and he would make a point to explain the details of a contract to a client, even if he had to work through the technical document slowly. For Thomas H. Huling, customer service should not be sacrificed for speed. Thomas H. Huling views customer understanding as a central part of his job description.

According to Thomas H. Huling, he has situated himself and his business endeavors so that clients receive the expertise often found in only the largest corporations with the attention and customer service only found in smaller businesses. This combination paired with Thomas H. Huling’s naturally good listening skills sets him apart from others in the financial world.





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