Thomas H. Huling – Global MedInvent

Thomas H. Huling has raised a number of prosperous companies who have been pivotal in the business consultations and eventual growth and success of their clients. Once he had displayed his skills in a number of industries, he decided to steer his efforts toward a business where he could see firsthand how his work helps save lives. That is why he founded Global MedInvent, LLC back in January of 2014 and became a managing member to help ensure the business grew to his standards. As a private medical technology consulting group based in Rhode Island, their mission is to help inventors, doctors and other medical professional push advancements in medical technologies and procedures so that they can one day help save lives. As Thomas H. Huling describes the company,

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H Huling

“Global MedInvent is a United States based technology development corporation geared specifically to breakthrough medical inventions and the pharmaceutical industry. Our main focus is to control the operations and strategic business target executions. Currently we offer 3 core opportunities and are always on the lookout to expand our portfolio. Our core oppurtunities and our vision as a company revolve around accelerating innovations, which provide more options and better results for people in their quest for a healthy life. “

 Thomas H. Huling and his team are devoted to helping push medical breakthroughs by providing the guidance and support needed to start and grow a company. With their talented team, they are capable of making crucial developments in the medical field possible.


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