Thomas H. Huling – Raising Quality Staff

Thomas H. Huling is an entrepreneur, businessman and financial professional who lives in Rhode Island. He has been the founder and president of a number of successful investment companies who have reflected the levels of professionalism and ambition that he instills into each and every one of his employees.

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H. Huling believes that raising quality employees is not only crucial to the growth of a business, but also of the potential that each staff member possesses. A consulting professional of his caliber understand that many ways in which strong and effective employees contribute to the company that are outside of their normal job functions. Below, he speaks some more about this subject, citing some universally familiar examples:

“Throughout my 27+-year career in the finance industry, including all of my personal private companies I have relied on not only my own expertise in private finance and trade but also the expertise of my staff and others. My most reliable source has been Dr. Sunil Gupta; Dr. Gupta has been invaluable asset from the beginning of our relationship, assisting in the execution of major financial transactions that I have personally structured for our own partnership as well as other clients. I have also had the distinct pleasure of working through numerous top rate securities brokers & traders including Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley among others.”

Thomas H. Huling’s experience undoubtedly helped him get to where he is today, but the rest is due to the help that he employed, and his ability to choose wisely when finding that help.


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