Qualities of a Good Leader

While some are born leaders, others have developed leadership skills and have become great leaders. Whatever the case, there are certain characteristics that are in every good leader. These characteristics can be part of the leader’s personality, or they can be developed. Here are some qualities of a good leader.

Thomas H Huling


It is vital for a good leader to have an exemplary character because he holds a position of leading others. Every leader should be honest and have integrity. A good leader is one who can “walk the talk”. A good leader will gain respect when he has an exemplary character.


A good leader is always enthusiastic about their leadership role. Passion and dedication are two important characteristic that drive a good leader. People look up to leaders as a source of inspiration, and a leader is required to be one who can motivate others to an action or cause. An enthusiastic leader will be a good team player and not just a “boss”.


A good leader is a confident leader. For a leader to lead others, he should be confident in his leadership position. It’s not just he should be confident, but that he should be able to instill confidence in his followers.

Order and Purpose

Every good leader should function in a purposeful and orderly manner in times of uncertainty. People look up to leaders during times of crisis and uncertainty, and a good leader should be able to help reassure them with confidence.

Thomas H Huling is a financial expert and has founded several corporations.


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