Qualities of a Good Leader

While some are born leaders, others have developed leadership skills and have become great leaders. Whatever the case, there are certain characteristics that are in every good leader. These characteristics can be part of the leader’s personality, or they can be developed. Here are some qualities of a good leader.

Thomas H Huling


It is vital for a good leader to have an exemplary character because he holds a position of leading others. Every leader should be honest and have integrity. A good leader is one who can “walk the talk”. A good leader will gain respect when he has an exemplary character.


A good leader is always enthusiastic about their leadership role. Passion and dedication are two important characteristic that drive a good leader. People look up to leaders as a source of inspiration, and a leader is required to be one who can motivate others to an action or cause. An enthusiastic leader will be a good team player and not just a “boss”.


A good leader is a confident leader. For a leader to lead others, he should be confident in his leadership position. It’s not just he should be confident, but that he should be able to instill confidence in his followers.

Order and Purpose

Every good leader should function in a purposeful and orderly manner in times of uncertainty. People look up to leaders during times of crisis and uncertainty, and a good leader should be able to help reassure them with confidence.

Thomas H Huling is a financial expert and has founded several corporations.


Valuable Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business is never easy. There are so many things to do and keeping track of them can leave your head spinning. Here are a couple of tips new entrepreneurs can use when starting a new business.

Be Focused

When starting out in business, your focus is important. Be focused and do not jump at every opportunity that comes your way. Trying to balance multiple ventures will limit your resources and greatly decrease your productivity and effectiveness. Focus on one thing and excel in it before starting another venture.

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H Huling

Strengths and Weaknesses

Build your business on your strength and not what you know nothing about. Starting a business just because it’s the right thing to do, will leave you frustrated within a short period. When you do what you know best, you will love doing it. Building your business based on your strengths will give you a better chance to succeed. You should be happy in what you do because you will be managing your business day in and day out. If your heart is not in the business, chances are you will not be successful.


If you have employees in your business, start building your team. No one can claim they know everything, so use your employees to build a solid team. You can take the advice of experts and mentors who can nurture you to become a successful businessperson. Encourage your team to share ideas, and you will be surprised at the number of creative ideas your team can come up with.

Effective Management

When you start a new business, try not to focus on getting a swanky new office, or brand new car. For any new business, every dollar counts. It is important to maintain a low overhead and manage your cash flow properly.

Thomas H Huling of Global MedInvent is an experienced businessman who has helped several businesses grow.

Thomas H. Huling – Raising Quality Staff

Thomas H. Huling is an entrepreneur, businessman and financial professional who lives in Rhode Island. He has been the founder and president of a number of successful investment companies who have reflected the levels of professionalism and ambition that he instills into each and every one of his employees.

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H. Huling believes that raising quality employees is not only crucial to the growth of a business, but also of the potential that each staff member possesses. A consulting professional of his caliber understand that many ways in which strong and effective employees contribute to the company that are outside of their normal job functions. Below, he speaks some more about this subject, citing some universally familiar examples:

“Throughout my 27+-year career in the finance industry, including all of my personal private companies I have relied on not only my own expertise in private finance and trade but also the expertise of my staff and others. My most reliable source has been Dr. Sunil Gupta; Dr. Gupta has been invaluable asset from the beginning of our relationship, assisting in the execution of major financial transactions that I have personally structured for our own partnership as well as other clients. I have also had the distinct pleasure of working through numerous top rate securities brokers & traders including Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley among others.”

Thomas H. Huling’s experience undoubtedly helped him get to where he is today, but the rest is due to the help that he employed, and his ability to choose wisely when finding that help.

Thomas H. Huling – Global MedInvent

Thomas H. Huling has raised a number of prosperous companies who have been pivotal in the business consultations and eventual growth and success of their clients. Once he had displayed his skills in a number of industries, he decided to steer his efforts toward a business where he could see firsthand how his work helps save lives. That is why he founded Global MedInvent, LLC back in January of 2014 and became a managing member to help ensure the business grew to his standards. As a private medical technology consulting group based in Rhode Island, their mission is to help inventors, doctors and other medical professional push advancements in medical technologies and procedures so that they can one day help save lives. As Thomas H. Huling describes the company,

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H Huling

“Global MedInvent is a United States based technology development corporation geared specifically to breakthrough medical inventions and the pharmaceutical industry. Our main focus is to control the operations and strategic business target executions. Currently we offer 3 core opportunities and are always on the lookout to expand our portfolio. Our core oppurtunities and our vision as a company revolve around accelerating innovations, which provide more options and better results for people in their quest for a healthy life. “

 Thomas H. Huling and his team are devoted to helping push medical breakthroughs by providing the guidance and support needed to start and grow a company. With their talented team, they are capable of making crucial developments in the medical field possible.

Thomas H. Huling’s Top 3 Character Traits Needed for Global Finance Entrepreneurs

Thomas H. Huling is a leading presence in global business and international investments. For over 27 years, Thomas H. Huling has offered his signature brand of business ethics, service excellence, and financial security. Thomas H. Huling knows a thing or two about the business of multinational financial corporations. Thomas H. Huling has highlighted the top three character traits he thinks are necessary for successful global finance entrepreneurs.

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H Huling


  • Interpersonal skills: Networking is a big part of international finance. An entrepreneur needs to be able to make a lasting impression, often across language barriers and cultural differences. A positive presence and basic interpersonal skills are absolutely vital to make yourself stand out in the international field according to Thomas H. Huling.


  • Multicultural understanding: The market is shifting, and more and more U.S. business leaders are realizing that they do not have the skills needed to work with investors and financial leaders from other cultures. Brush up on local customs before traveling to another country and learn how to do business there instead of dropping the U.S. American style of business in any location. Also, Thomas H. Huling recommends learning another language, which can make you much more marketable with multinational financial firms.


  • Ability to take risks: Thomas H. Huling points out that no matter how savvy you are as a financial executive or business leader, entrepreneurial endeavors always have the potential for hidden risks. If you are unable to value the potential gain over the potential risk, then international finance may not be the right arena for you. The international economy has the potential for great rewards, but fluctuation happens quickly, and can lead to big losses.


Thomas H. Huling Believes that Patience is Key to Communicating with Clients and Coworkers

Thomas H. Huling has over 27 years of experience in investment and financial industries in both the U.S. and international arenas. As the founder of multiple finance based businesses, Thomas H. Huling has learned that the key to any conversation is patience, especially when addressing clients and coworkers. Being a patient listener is central to Thomas H. Huling’s business philosophy, and in a market that seems to offer less and less individualized attention, professionals like Thomas H. Huling are hard to come by.

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H Huling

Patient listening, according to Thomas H. Huling, is based on the fundamental assumption that the other person in the conversation is valuable. Unlike other businesses that do not treat clients or lower ranked employees with full respect, Thomas H. Huling is dedicated to ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.

One example of this comes from Thomas H. Huling’s experience as a Realtor, and he would make a point to explain the details of a contract to a client, even if he had to work through the technical document slowly. For Thomas H. Huling, customer service should not be sacrificed for speed. Thomas H. Huling views customer understanding as a central part of his job description.

According to Thomas H. Huling, he has situated himself and his business endeavors so that clients receive the expertise often found in only the largest corporations with the attention and customer service only found in smaller businesses. This combination paired with Thomas H. Huling’s naturally good listening skills sets him apart from others in the financial world.




Thomas H Huling: A Success Story

Thomas H Huling has nearly thirty years of experience in the finance industry. Thomas H Huling is also an entrepreneur who has established and run many successful companies during the course of his career.

In many ways, Thomas H Huling is an American success story. His career began when he was the Founder, President, and General Contractor of the Multi-State Development company, a Rhode Island firm. Thomas H Huling was involved in all phases of commercial, sub-division, residential, and hotel projects. He drew on his excellent inter-personal skills to guide Multi-State Development to great success during the ten years he was associated with it.

Thomas H Huling

Thomas H Huling

With Multi-State Development, Thomas H Huling was deeply involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. He reviewed and authorized blueprints and site development plans, prepared cost breakouts and budget reports for an approval process, set construction logs on a daily basis, synchronized field activities, and supervised a crew of as many as thirty master carpenters and general laborers. Thomas H Huling also estimated projects by coordinating with various contractors.

Thomas H Huling says that his experience with Multi-State Development was invaluable, and had a positive influence on his professional growth. “My responsibilities within my corporations,” he says, “have always encompassed the preparation, negotiations and executions of contracts, financing procurement, fiscal projections, establishing of budgets, manpower scheduling, project staffing, and selections of various consultants.”

Currently, Thomas H Huling is the Director and/or Managing Member of four companies he has founded in the last four years. These include Global Investment Company, SA, Global Technology, LLC, World Holding Group, LLC, and most recently, Global MedInvent LLC, the last of which was established in January 2014. He also founded Multi-State Mortgage, Inc, and was the Director of Pro-One AG, a technology development firm based in Liechtenstein.